The leader of the Liberal Democrats visited a local charity in Richmond to show his support and help raise awareness of the support needed.

MP Vince Cable met with Richmond ADHD, who support parents and carers of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and all of its consequences, on September 1.

The voluntary charity met with the MP to discuss plans and ideas for the October ADHD Awareness month and share stories from their monthly drop in mornings for children with the condition to meet others also diagnosed and for parents or carers to share tips and advice.

Sir Cable said: "“ADHD is a neuro-developmental condition which typically affects two children in every UK classroom but it desperately needs more recognition, support and funding.

“ADHD Richmond are doing great work to help children and families that are living with the symptoms of ADHD.

“Alastair and Valerie will especially be doing a great throughout ADHD awareness month in October. I look forward to supporting them.”