The first 'Quidditch Premier League' is taking place this month, and the capital's team London Monarchs will be competing.

The championship, held at KCOM Craven Park Stadium in Hull, is the first time the sport will be played in a professional sports stadium.

Inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the sport now has its own international handbook, and is believed to be played by 20,000 players across 25 countries. The sport requires a player hold a broom between their legs, and tries to closely follow original rules of the magical sport as depicted in the much-loved books and films.

Six divisional fixtures have taken place since June throughout the UK to narrow the teams down to just eight finalists. The London Monarchs will play alongside the Eastern Mermaids, the Southwest Broadside, the Southwest Knights, the Yorkshire Roses, the East Midlands Archers, the West Midlands Revolution and the Northern Watch.

The London team is made up of players local to the city that play from local community teams the London Werewolves and London Unspeakables.

Manager Ben Pooley said: "Going into the championship fixture, all the team are so excited to just get out on pitch and crush it. We’ve improved so much as the season has gone on, playing some incredibly fluid, and nice to watch quidditch. Monarchs are going to show everyone what we’re made of."

Jack Lennard, the league's director, said: "This is the moment that all the teams have been working towards.

"We’ll be crowning the first quidditch Premier League champions; after watching the divisional fixtures this season, I know that whoever lifts the trophy will have earned it.

"The fact that they’ll be doing so in a professional sports stadium, a first for UK quidditch, makes this event truly momentous."

The final on August 26 will also have a Harry Potter shop for Potterheads to stock up on their favourite merchandise.