Passengers were left confused after an underground train took a “wrong” turn and turned up at a different station.

The District Line to Richmond had reached Turnham Green as usual and passengers boarded expecting to turn up south of the river, only for the train to head north instead.

Miranda Kelly was on the train and she said the entire train emptied once it reached Chiswick and stopped moving altogether.

She said: “The underground train I was on was for Richmond but the driver took it down the wrong track.

“Everyone seemed astonished. The driver gave an announcement saying he knew it had said Richmond on the train and apologised and told us how to get back to the right train.

“The entire train emptied. People seemed annoyed but no one made a scene. Just some griping and verbal expressions of befuddlement.”

A TfL spokesperson said: “We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused when at 11:12am today, a Richmond-bound District Line train was redirected to Ealing Broadway without sufficient notification.

“Passengers were subsequently disembarked at the first available station, Chiswick Park, to continue their journey back to Richmond. At no stage were any safety regulations breached.”