The World’s first car to receive a speeding ticket is coming to Richmond in September.

Walter Arnold, from East Peckham, was driving an Arnold Benz Motor Carriage at a hair-raising 8mph - four times the speed limit - through Paddock Wood, Kent, when he was pulled over by a policeman riding a bicycle on January 28, 1896.

Failing to stick to the 2mph speed limit or have the presence of a man on-foot waving a red flag, which was required by the law at the time, the boy-racer was fined a shilling plus costs.

Now the car is heading to south west London for the The Concours of Elegance motor event, which is at Hampton Court Palace from September 1 to 3.

James Brooks-Ward, director of the Concours of Elegance, said: "We like each of our cars on show to tell a story, and the tale of this Arnold Motor Carriage is one of the most fantastic we've heard.

“Everyone can relate to the frustrations of getting caught speeding, and it's nice to know that Mr. Arnold shared our annoyance more than 120 years ago.”

Mr Arnold’s 1896 vehicle will be joined by a spectacle of ‘Veteran Cars’ - those built before 1905.

For the first time in the upmarket motor event’s history spectators will be treated to the sights and sounds of the earliest motoring pioneers on display as they take part in a parade.

“Mr Arnold’s car will be just one of more than a hundred hosted; everything from vintage Maseratis to modern Ferraris will be on display, providing a complete history of the most amazing cars ever,” added Mr Brooks-Ward.

“In fact, the only thing more stunning than the cars is the beautiful venue; we've been to Hampton Court Palace once before, and we can't wait to return this year."

Interviews with some of the world’s foremost motoring experts will be featured on the new central stage as well as some of the fastest cars ever built such as the Mans-winning Jaguar XJR and the Harrods-livered McLaren F1 GTR – both of which are capable of more than 240mph.

Adult tickets start from £25 and children under five will be able to attend free. For more information on the event visit