A gang of men driving a silver Audi have been caught on CCTV appearing to break-in to vans in Twickenham.

Thousands of pounds worth of tools were stolen in a series of late-night raids earlier this month.

The car the men were seen driving is believed to have been using false licence plates, registered to a different vehicle.

Robert Bridges, 42, who works on disability-friendly adaptations for the local authority, had £2,000-worth of tools stolen from his van outside his home on Buckingham Road at about 9.15pm on May 1.

He did not hear his van’s alarm go off but footage of the incident shows one of the men apparently sticking his finger up and waving a crowbar.

Mr Bridges said: “There was a lot of menace.

“I’m glad I didn’t hear them and go outside because I would have got a crowbar across my head.”

He has since had to pay £185 to change the locks and fittings for his van.

He also had to use a credit card to pay for new tools so that he could continue working, having lost a range of equipment including a seven-piece DeWalt Cordless drill set, a Bosch circular saw and a block plane he had had since college.

Another tool theft conducted at 11.25pm on Hampton Court Road was also caught on CCTV.

Roofer Ben Millington, 30, realised that his colleague’s Ford Transit van had been broken into as the men left the marina chalet where they were staying.

The pair had £1,400-worth of tools stolen, including a Bosch screw gun and Nakita screw gun, after leaving them in the van overnight while sleeping at a nearby marina.

Mr Millington said realised as soon as he saw the van what had happened.

He said: “We knew straight away. The door was open. We went to have a look, tidied up a bit and when I pulled the passenger’s side, the alarm went off.”

The marina’s manager showed the men CCTV in which the face of one of the gang members can be seen.

Mr Millington said it is the first time in his 16 years as a roofer that he’s had a van broken into.

Mr Bridges said: “It makes you feel like hooking your van up to the mains so if someone tries breaking in, they get electrocuted.”

No arrests have been made. A Spokesperson for the police said that they believe the same people are responsible for both incidents and are working to establish if they have committed other offences in the area.

They are appealing to anyone with information related to the incidents to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.