Richmond Park’s reputation as a hub of wildlife activity draws millions of visitors each year.

Some go to escape the bustle of the city, some to enjoy the scenery, and some to watch the various animals go about their business.

This snap was captured by Andy Thomas, who was walking in the park yesterday morning.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

The image shows two grass snakes, likely a male and a female, and the video shows the larger one, which Mr Thomas estimated was 45-50cm, following her partner into some long grass.

Mr Thomas said: “I think I disturbed their nuptials! I missed the male as he moved off faster; being smaller he had probably warmed up quicker than the female, but she followed off in exactly the same direction using her forked tongue to follow him, definitely on the chase!”

Last month Sir David Attenborough narrated a short film encouraging visitors to ‘tread lightly’ in Richmond Park, reducing the harm that can come from human impact.

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This video serves as a reminder of the diversity in the park, and the importance of preserving its ecosystem.

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