The proposals for Twickenham riverside will be modified to incorporate feedback from the overwhelmingly negative public consultation comments.

Among the aspects of the scheme, designed by architects Quinlan and Francis Terry, considered for alterations is widening Water Lane, additional parking and potential reductions of height in the building heights.

Just seven per cent of those who took part in the council’s consultation said they were in favour of the Regency era inspired design.

Councillor Pamela Fleming said: “We have listened to what residents said.

“The next phase of design is now well underway.

“The architects have gone through all of the public feedback and had further conversations with residents about modifying the original designs.”

Leader of the opposition Councillor Gareth Roberts said: “When will Coun Fleming get it into her head that this is a deeply unpopular scheme and no amount of tinkering will change that.

“The only way she and her colleagues can salvage this dog's breakfast is to do what they should have done at the outset and hold a genuine consultation with all options on the table.”