A film crew got the fright of their lives when their prop guns were mistaken for real ones and armed police interrupted their shoot.

Tarryn Meaker was shooting short film That Day Comes at Hussar’s Coffee House in Hampton Wick on Sunday, February 21, when police armed with automatic weapons arrived.

The film maker had informed the Metropolitan Police about the shoot, but said there must have been a breakdown in communications and Surrey Police officers were called to reports of men wielding handguns in the coffee house.

She said: “Someone obviously saw, panicked, called the police and decided not to stick around.

“The poor police officers arrived ready to go with real guns, which was unexpected.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Filming detective redemption tale That Day Comes inside Hussars (Credit: Robyn Harper)

“I’m from South Africa so the guns didn’t bother me too much, I think I was most worried I hadn’t done something I should have. I was more worried we might get shut down than anything else, because I just wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Ms Meaker, who will be submitting the film at festivals including the Cannes Short Film Corner, said she felt awful the police had been called out for a false alarm but it was very encouraging how quick their reaction was.

She said: “The police were awesome.

“Where I grew up [South Africa] if you call the police and say there’s a guy with a gun here, maybe they will arrive in an hour or so, but these guys were so quick.

“I would like to send them a thank you for being so understanding.”