A street artist has created a mural as a tribute to Lord Richard Attenborough.

Paul Smith, 42, had toyed with the idea of creating a piece of art focusing on the Baron of Richmond for some time and went ahead with the creation after his death on Sunday, August 24.

The artist worked on Sunday evening to complete the piece and was not deterred by bad weather.

Mr Smith, from Surbiton, previously worked at Twickenham Film Studios in the 1990s and met Lord Attenborough on numerous occasions.

Mr Smith said: "I loved his passion to teach a new generation of filmmakers.

"Whenever my friend David and I saw Richard driving through Richmond in his blues Rolls Royce with his wife, we used to bow on our knees when they passed."

The mural in Red Lion Street, Richmond, is a mixed medium tribute and takes inspiration from a number of Lord Attenborough’s works.

Mr Smith said: "He is Richmond’s Richard. I did a James Morrison mural up in town and I thought Richmond would like something too.

"The majority of people who walk past love it because it is not offensive and they see it as art. It is just art on the street."

The painting, which also uses stencilling and pens, took three hours of preparation work plus another two hours to complete.