A wisecrack about a vacuum cleaner has won Tim Vine an award for the "funniest joke" of the Edinburgh Fringe for a second time.

Vine, the king of one-liners from Banstead, is the first comedian to win the competition, run by comedy television channel Dave, at two festivals.

His winning joke was: "I decided to sell my Hoover... well it was just collecting dust."

It received nearly a fifth of the votes.

The former Epsom College student also won in 2010 with: "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again."

Of his second victory, Vine said: "I'm a little bit surprised but very delighted. This is the second time I've won this award but I guess nobody loves a repeat more than Dave."

Here are Dave’s top 10 jokes from the festival - which one do you think is the funniest?

Leave a comment below with your pick.

1. "I decided to sell my Hoover... well it was just collecting dust." - Tim Vine

2. "I've written a joke about a fat badger, but I couldn't fit it into my set." - Masai Graham

3. "Always leave them wanting more, my uncle used to say to me. Which is why he lost his job in disaster relief." - Mark Watson

4. "I was given some Sudoku toilet paper. It didn't work. You could only fill it in with number 1s and number 2s." - Bec Hill

5. "I wanted to do a show about feminism. But my husband wouldn't let me." - Ria Lina

6. "Money can't buy you happiness? Well, check this out, I bought myself a Happy Meal." - Paul F Taylor

7. "Scotland had oil, but it's running out thanks to all that deep frying." - Scott Capurro

8. "I forgot my inflatable Michael Gove, which is a shame 'cause halfway through he disappears up his own arsehole." - Kevin Day

9. "I've been married for 10 years, I haven't made a decision for seven." - Jason Cook

10. "This show is about perception and perspective. But it depends how you look at it." - Felicity Ward