A woman from Twickenham celebrated her 100th birthday in style last week.

Margaret Randall, who lives in Strawberry Vale, received a telegram from the Queen to mark her centenary as well as a visit from mayor of Richmond. Councillor Jane Boulton.

The 100th birthday party was organised by her son, Chris Randall, 66, who said it was a brilliant occasion with a very good turnout.

He said: "Marge was always involved in pubs in some shape or form and the last one she ran was in Isleworth.

"We managed to track down one of her old customers, who is in his 90s now, and he came along with his daughter and son-in-law.

"It was a great day, there were loads of people there to congratulate her and we had a nice day, with some nice food."

Mrs Randall, the last surviving sibling of five sisters and two brothers, was married to Chris's father Tom, who died in 2004.

The couple met during the war at a factory in Feltham, where Mr Randall was foreman, before wedding in 1946.

As well as Chris, who lives in St Margarets, she is also mother to 62-year-old Nick Randall, who lives in Oxshott.

Mrs Randall, who once ran the Red Lion pub in Stanley Road, Teddington, lives with her live-in carer Cheri.

Chris said his mother is still active and having Cheri with her helps to keep her young.

He said: "She goes shopping every week and she will not take any notice of price tags - if she likes the look of something, it goes in the trolley."