Eel Pie islanders are calling on Richmond Council to consider providing a permanent home for Gloriana on the Twickenham island.

The consultation period for Lord True's controversial proposals to house the Queen's Row Barge at Orleans Gardens ends at the end of August.

With residents outraged over the plans to develop a boathouse on the site, a number of Eel Pie islanders believe they could have a solution.

John Perry, who lives on the island, has put forward the potential of using the dry dock at Phoenix Wharf, owned by Henry Harrison.

Mr Perry said: "I would be more than happy for us to have it on Eel Pie Island.

"It is very clear that the proposed location at Orleans Gardens is not the right place."

Mr Harrison, who owns the possible site on the island, said he had not been contacted by the council but would welcome a discussion on the matter.

He said: "I think it is a good option.

"On the face of it, it would appear to be a sufficient size to house the Gloriana with a view for people to view it and room for maintenance work.

"I would be more than happy to sit down and talk about it - they would say they need this or that to make it work and I would be able to say yes or no."

Councillor Geoffrey Samuel, deputy leader of the council, said the idea was something that could be explored at the end of the public consultation.

The Hampton North councillor has previously come out in support of the scheme and said he was sure council leader Lord True would be "very interested" in the idea.

He added: "They did a feasibility study with experts who came up with the view that Orleans Gardens was the best site for Gloriana.

"This is interesting and, once the consultation has run its course, we can look at the options."

Meanwhile Twickenham MP Vince Cable followed up his public condemnation of the council's plans with a letter to residents, backing the Friends of Orleans Riverside group.

In the letter, Dr Cable criticised the council for "rushing through" the plans and only unveiling it after the local elections.

He wrote: "There are other locations within the borough which may be more suitable and have not been investigated."

Friends of Orleans Riverside spokesman Paul Bigley said they were delighted to have Dr Cable's support and have encouraged Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith to do the same.

As well as Eel Pie Island, alternative locations mentioned include Kew Gardens, Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Bridge.

The council's own feasibility study explored Buccleuch Gardens, the Gothic Site in Petersham Road, existing boatyards and Marble Hill Park/Orleans Gardens as potential locations but only the latter was deemed suitable.

Hounslow Council has put forward Brentford Lock as a possible home.