A man who used his iPhone to film an 18-year-old woman getting changed at Pools on the Park in Richmond has been hit with a hefty fine.

William Twiston-Davies, from Dorset, was caught pointing his phone towards the woman, who was naked, in the cubicle at the pool on June 26 this year.

She snatched his phone from him and waited with a friend for the 44-year-old to appear from the neighbouring cubicle.

When he eventually did, he said there had been a mistake and aggressively recovered his phone, leading to a charge of common assault as well as voyeurism.

All images recorded or taken were deleted from the phone by the time police took possession of it.

The married father-of-one pleaded guilty to both charges and appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on Friday, August 1.

He was fined £895, including compensation of £750, and was told to register on the Sex Offenders List for five years.

Since the incident, Twiston-Davies has signed up to a course dealing with psychological deficiencies of his own accord, the court heard.

His solicitor Steven Hadley told magistrates the incident was out of character for him.

He said: "This defendant has taken the matter extremely seriously and has obtained help.

"He has gone to some considerable trouble to do so and it is not uncommon for people to come before the court and say they are going to do so - this defendant is.

"Police attended the scene and he made admissions to them immediately and he has been open and frank at all stages."

He added that Twiston-Davies had expressed genuine remorse and recognised the affect his actions had on the complainant.

The court ordered him to attend a Thames Valley Sex Offender Group programme for one day.

He received no separate punishment for the common assault charge, which Mr Hadley described as a moment of blind panic when his client attempted to take back the iPhone.