Young actors hope to wow audiences when they perform a George Orwell favourite this month.

Youth Action Theatre (Yat), will perform Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm.

The novel was initially criticised for attacking Britain's wartime ally, but has since been vindicated by history and is now justly regarded as a popular classic.

It has been adapted into many media, including a CIA-financed cartoon and a Pink Floyd concept album, and is immensely popular among refugees from oppressive regimes to this day.

Peter Hall's adaptation, originally performed at the National Theatre, uses music and movement to bring this powerful and often chilling fable to the stage.

The show is directed by Anna Carlson and Tom Wright in their first full production, with musical direction from James Hall.

The large and talented cast promise to make this a colourful spectacle, portraying pigs, cows, chickens, ravens and even one or two humans.

Yat presents Animal Farm; Hampton Hill Playhouse; August 7 to 9; 7.45pm; or 0844 7401971.