A man was chased up scaffolding by police in Teddington before being talked down this afternoon.

Police, firefighters and London Ambulance Service were on the scene when a man, pursued by police, climbed scaffolding outside the Cavan Bakery in Broad Street.

The man, thought to be in his late 20s, was spotted by police, who wanted to find him for allegedly breaching the conditions of his Serco electronic tag.

A police spokesman said: “Police officers saw him and he ran away.

“He went up the scaffolding and was talked down.”

Firefighters were called shortly before 1.45pm and said the man had been threatening to jump.

A witness said: “He ran up on to the roof through Bar Estilo and holed himself up, threatening to jump off.”

Rebecca Triboulet, who works at the Cavan Bakery, said police had left the scene after talking the man down.

She added: “He was chased by police and climbed the scaffolding but he is gone now.”

The Cavan Bakery’s manager Chaz Rivers said police sealed off the road around his shop, keeping staff inside the building.

He said: “They came in and wanted to know how they could get to the flat above and went through.

“We think he had something on him.

“The road was closed and we didn’t have any customers for around an hour - it has not been your average day.”

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