A woman who became the first Zambian to enter the British political system has published a teenage novel about her home country.

Margaret Buter, who became a Conservative councillor in north Richmond after the May election, released the book African Prince Team to share the story of the unknown Africa.

The 44-year-old, who has flown in UN cargo planes during the Bosnian war, wants to open up people’s minds to the story of her country.

She said: "It is about depicting Africa in a really beautiful way - in the way it should be and it brings the beauty of the country to life."

The story follows an African prince who takes his friends on a holiday and they find themselves in the midst of a murder plot.

Coun Buter, who comes from a royal Zambian family, was congratulated by the first lady of Zambia on her success in the UK.

The mother-of-two said: "Sometimes people think of African countries as just full of poverty but it is not all like that.

"It is just like here - we do have a dynamic country and there are people that achieve a lot."

The author moved from Zambia when she was 11 and after a stint in Malawi she returned and married aged 21.

The former public relations coordinator for the World Health Organisation lived in Croatia and Brussels, before settling in Richmond with her husband and two sons.

Her mother was a diplomat who set up a diplomatic school in Zambia.

She said: "I feel like I have benefited from this country and I need to give something back.

"That is why I became a councillor and that is why I have written the book.

"It is about giving something back to the community through the book and showing that Africa is beautiful rather than what is seen on TV."

Visit africanprinceteam.com.