The symbolic moment a Brazil fan handed his World Cup replica trophy to a German woman became an internet sensation.

And despite working as a film producer in Berlin, 24-year-old Fritzi Schrader will always consider Teddington, where her parents still live, to be home.

Brazilian Clovis Acosta Fernandes had just seen the five-time world champions capitulate to a 7-1 defeat in Belo Horizonte at the hands of ruthless Germany.

Television cameras around the globe picked him out, clutching his replica trophy to his chest in silence, as the symbol of the hosts' heartache.

But Mr Fernandes and his hand-crafted trophy unwittingly went viral as he presented it to Ms Shrader, a former pupils at the German School, Petersham.

She said: "I was expecting Germany to win the game as Brazil were under pressure playing in their own country.

"But I never thought we would thrash them 7-1 - we didn't know what to do when Germany went 5-0 up inside half-an-hour.

"I never realised I was on the TV screen but I never took the trophy from him as it was the semi-final and it would have been a bad omen.

"I never really noticed what happened around me, I thought he was just another Brazilian who wanted to take a picture with a German girl."

The former Teddington Hockey Club player travelled to her first World Cup with her dad, Jorg Roth, and attended every Germany match on the path to success.

Although the semi-final was a major highlight, she said nothing could compare to the moment the men in white lifted the trophy, for the first time as a united Germany.

She said: "We started our journey in Salvador and it was absolutely incredible - the entire trip was a highlight.

"It was a great opportunity and our tickets were right in the German block, behind the goal.

"After the game, all the players went up to our bloc and celebrated. It was quite an experience."

Ms Schrader, a Bayern Munich supporter, lived in Teddington for nine years before moving to Berlin to continue her studies.

She calls Teddington her home and said her company had been "very generous" to about her taking time off.

She added: "We are planning on going to France for Euro 2016 but I am not sure about the World Cup in Russia yet."