A polish prostitute bludgeoned her housemate to death with a hammer and tried to blame it on her brother.

Edyta Zawadzka, 28, a mother-of-one, denied murdering 43-year-old Julia Anders between November 16 and 30 last year at the flat they shared in Lower Mortlake Road, but a jury at Isleworth Crown Court found her guilty of murder today, after a four-week trial.

Zawadzka, who tried to frame her brother for the murder, repeatedly hit Ms Anders over the head with a hammer and left her in the flat for two weeks before she went on a £5,500 spending spree with her bank cards.

Medical reports said Ms Anders, a mother-of-three, took two days to die from her injuries.

The pair worked as prostitutes in the first floor flat in The Towers, Richmond, where the bloodied body of the victim was found by police on November 30.

The prosecution said the murder was motivated by jealousy, greed and anger because Zawadzka was unhappy Ms Anders earned more money than her – about £3,000 per week.

Zawadzka also used Ms Anders sim card after she killed her and text her then 12-year-old daughter to tell her she was OK.

Before her death, Ms Anders repeatedly threw Zawadzka out of the flat and once hid kitchen knives because she was scared of her.

Zawadzka will be sentenced at the same court this afternoon.