A plane captain killed while on a mission to get to safety Madame De Gaulle and her family was awarded a posthumous medal at a ceremony in France.

Norman Edward Hope, who lived in Richmond, died when trying to evacuate from Brittany the De Gualle family in June 1940.

The captain for Britain’s secret service was one of four men killed during the mission when their seaplane crashed in Ploudaniel, about 30km west of Carantec.

Mr Hope, who died aged 37, was posthumously awarded the Medal of the City of Carantec at a ceremony in France.

The intelligence corps officer was sent on the mission by Winston Churchill due to his experience of speaking French.

The mayor of Carantec Jean-Guy Gueguen said: "In recognition of the sacrifice of these men who attempted to snatch the family General de Gaulle from the clutches of the Nazi invader, the Medal of the City of Carantec is awarded posthumously to Captain Norman Edward Hope, commander of the mission."