Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood is a fantastic piece of physical theatre when you consider it was originally written for radio.

Thirteen actors delight in assuming the roles of about 60 townspeople in the fictional, sleepy fishing village that is Llareggub.

The sing-song Welsh accent tells the tale of Captain Cat, Organ Morgan, Lily Smalls, the Reverend Eli Jenkins and so many more.

For those, like me, unfamiliar with Thomas's work and not initially aware of this wonderful production's concept, the first 20 minutes can cause some head-scratching.

It is very, very Welsh.

But once you get your head around what you are watching and listening to, you are longing for more than just the 24-hour snapshot into the villagers' lives.

Owen Teale is fantastic holding the story together, his gentle manner guiding you through streets and lives and dreams that only exist on the stage.

Polly Garter's love songs balance Nogood Boyo's well and although I wish Teale's opening was shorter, it is only so we could have met the characters sooner.

It will not be a play for everyone - a French woman, sat behind me, commented to her friend at the end: "I did not get zat at all."

But whether you are a Thomas fan or not, Mark Hands' adaptation of this quaint piece of radio ought to impress and grow on you as you learn more about Llareggub.

Catch Under Milk Wood at Richmond Theatre before it closes on Saturday. Visit atgtickets.com/venues/richmond-theatre for tickets and details.