Crime in Richmond has dropped by 9 per cent in the past year, making the borough London's fourth safest.

Richmond Council’s Community Safety Partnership carries out a strategic assessment each year, examining all community safety issues in the borough.

The report for 2013 showed the reduction in overall crime, including 15 per cent in burglary and a 16 per cent drop in vehicle offences.

Borough Commander Detective Superintendent Debra Towns said: "Richmond is a very safe borough with low levels of crime.

"It is very pleasing that overall crime reduced last year.

"We are keen to hear from residents, businesses and schools, if they have specific concerns about their area and request that they report any suspicious behaviour to police."

Residents are being asked to take part in a consultation which will help highlight priorities over the next year.

London Assembly member Councillor Tony Arbour, council cabinet member for performance and community safety, said Richmond still had "a long way to go" to reclaim its safest in London tag.

He said: "The safety of our residents continues to be of the utmost priority to both the council and the local police and as such it is important to remember that Richmond is a safe borough and it is by far the safest London borough when it comes to violent crime."

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