A father and son trio will prove to be the wheel deal if they successfully cycle from Twickenham town centre to Morocco in just 12 days.

Mike Noel-Smith and his two sons, Will and Harry, set off from StreetInvest’s offices in London Road last week in a bid to raise funds for the Twickenham charity.

They hope to reach Africa by the end of June and are aiming to reach £45,000 to help the charity continue to support street children around the world.

Dad Mike said: "The task would be gruelling even for experienced cyclists but we are novices at this, making the task even more daunting.

"But, we are confident that our love of fitness challenges - and our Olympic & World Champion Triathlete Coach, Bill Black, will be able to lead us to success.

"We're doing this because it's the best way we know to support these vulnerable children.

"Their strength - against the odds - will keep us going through every painful mile."

The family, who name their team Raw Discovery, will be cycling an average daily distance of more than 250 miles and spending up to 18 hours each day on their bikes.

The trio will also have to eat and drink most of their nutrition on bike, stopping only to restock supplies or to sleep.

Duncan Ross, chief executive of StreetInvest, said he is "delighted" they chose his charity to support.

He said: "I think they're crazy to put themselves through this but I'm so grateful that they've chosen to support us.

"Our model can put a street worker in the life of one more child for roughly £1 a month.

"The funds that will be raised through Raw Discovery's challenge will help change the lives of thousands of street children."

In July 2012, they rowed non-stop, 250 miles across the English Channel, from Normandy to Cornwall in just 72 hours.

Felix Holman, Mike's twin, who works for the charity, said they both share similar values when it comes to helping those less fortunate.

She said: "I think we're both driven to seek justice and equality for people and particularly children who are so often without loving families around them.

"This challenge uniquely combines Mike's thirst for adventure but demonstrates his passion to do something that has a positive impact on many others - in this case street children.”