A unique chance to learn about the history of Kew Gardens will go on air after the botanical behemoth teamed up with Radio 4 to produce a radio series.

The show, Plants: From Roots to Riches, will feature unprecedented access to the rich heritage and ongoing work of scientists at one of the world’s oldest botanical institutions.

The 25-part series will delve into Kew’s archive and its world-class collections - including the herbarium of more than 7m preserved plant specimens - to tell the story of how modern botany was born during the time of Kew’s establishment in 1759.

Professor Kathy Willis, Kew's director of science, said: "Britain’s botanical heritage is incredibly rich in compelling, memorable tales of adventure and discovery, politics and conflict, breathtaking beauty and, ultimately, our dependency on plants.

"I hope this series will encourage listeners to look at plants in a new light. Our future depends on us adapting in order to live in better balance with the natural world, and plants have some of the answers to help us do that and address global challenges that we are faced with on a daily basis."

The series will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from Saturday, July 21.