A master of puppetry packs a political punch with his hit satirical comedy based on US congress.

Inspired by the real-life events and aftermath of the 2012 Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, the one-man show uses masks and puppetry to explore the battle between political manipulation and media exploitation.

Kyle Davies, who appears in the show alone, depicts six characters during the course of the production to tell the story.

He says: "The show itself is a series of monologues and solo conversations with the audience.

"They will meet the characters who provide six different pictures of America and talk about this one single event."

Although set in the USA, the show has never been performed to an American audience, and Davies says it does not require any specialist political knowledge to grasp.

The show was produced in conjunction with former Congress speech writer turned screen writer Sol Max and director Lizzie Wiggs.

Davies, from Minnesota, says: "We create a narrative which stems from one event and then expand on it.

"It definitely has a comical bend to it but it is satire and has a compelling story behind it.

"It is about fear and anger in politics and how that can be used to compel people to vote in different ways - that’s really the message of the show."

One character in the show enjoys the disastrous happenings the piece is based around in a way that explores the somewhat upside down world of politics.

Davies says: "It is like Hillary Clinton once said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.

"That is the power of politics and that is how it can be played and that is the inspiration for the show."

Conversations not fit for the American dinner table; Hampton School Theatre; June 20; 7.30pm; £5 and £10; 450hall.hamptonschool.org.uk or 020 8783 4026; Free parking.