Festival fans and sports teams enjoy a summer day and night of sport, music, beer and food at the weekend.

The Summer Social, held in Old Deer Park, saw sports teams from all over the country compete in tournaments against the backdrop of food stalls, activities and music on Saturday, May 30.

This year 240 teams, including rugby sevens, tag rugby, netball and lacrosse, battled it out at Richmond Athletic Ground.

Danielle Molyneux, goal defence for Wandsworth Netball Club, said: “This was our third time at the festival for the Wandsworth Netball Club and our biggest turnout yet.

“It was an absolutely brilliant day and so well organised.

“It was fun to get all the local teams around Wandsworth, Richmond and south-west London to celebrate their end of season with a fun tournament, a few jagers and some cracking fancy dress – we are already excited for next year.”

The one-day festival saw music acts perform on a 40m outdoor raised stage.

Festival organiser Rob Westworth said: “I was really pleased with how it went because we had so many teams competing during the day which is a pretty big logistical challenge to organise but it all went very well.

“I don’t think it could have gone much better really. It was very successful and people were really enjoying themselves.

“We had a lot of good feedback and a different layout that worked really well.”

This was the first year the festival took place under the name Summer Social, which replaced its old title Rugby Rocks.

Mr Westworth said: “We had so many netball teams and volleyball teams and lacrosse teams that we felt it could no longer be called Rugby Rocks.

“It felt more inclusive and not much has really changed because there has always been a focus on the music as well as the sport and all the teams really bought into it.”