A new report has revealed that Sutton is one of only three boroughs in London without any recognised gangs.

The Mayor's Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC) published the statistic in its report on gangs and serious youth violence in London.

Although there are 224 gangs identified across London, there are none in Sutton making it one of just three boroughs, as well as Kingston and Richmond, not to have a gang problem.

Sutton's top cop, Borough Commander Guy Ferguson, said police work, the borough's good schools, councils and landlords among others have contributed to make sure gangs do not form in the borough.

He added: "We are very proactive both operationally and in working with young people in Sutton to keep Sutton a gang-free borough.

"Operationally, we respond vigorously and swiftly to any incidents or intelligence that could suggest they are connected with gang related activities, such as serious violence, which is extremely rare in Sutton, and drugs related activities, which we combat through frequent raids at addresses and operations on the roads and transport networks designed to disrupt criminals.

"We are acutely aware that other boroughs close to ours have gang issues - and the adverse impact that gangs can have on local communities.

"This is why we have assigned one of our officers to have a specific responsibility amongst other duties for monitoring gang related activities."

The Metropolitan Police estimate there are 3,495 members of gangs in London.

Of the 224 recognised gangs, 183 are linked to multiple criminal offences and 58 are considered 'particularly active'.

Although Sutton has no gangs, Croydon is known to have several including Don't Say Nothin', the Jaffna Boys and Block Cartel.

Merton also has several including the Tooting Trapstarz and the Junction Boys.