A cyclist has lodged a complaint with the police after he claimed they failed to show care or attention for him when he was knocked off his bike by a car door.

The cycling campaigner hopes the complaint will raise awareness of the dangers of opening car doors and trigger better responses from police in relation to cycle accidents.

Tim Lennon complained to the North Richmond Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) after he was unhappy with the way the police responded.

The cycle fanatic was riding along North Road, near Manor Circus in Richmond, on May 18, when the back door of a car opened in front of him and sent him flying.

He said: “I slammed into it and got thrown forwards and there was a car behind me.

“I went flying and there was a witness because somebody had heard the bang when I hit the car door.”

Despite not immediately feeling injured in the accident, Mr Lennon said he had been to his doctor this week with a sore chest and severe pain in his shoulder.

At the time, police were called, checked Mr Lennon was not injured and removed the bike from the road.

Mr Lennon, 44, said: “They did not make a record of it and just couldn’t get away quick enough.

“I thought it was not really an acceptable response.”

He said the police response was particularly concerning because he often cycled down that road with his five-year-old daughter.

He said: “It does make you feel like they don’t care.

“People need to be aware that every time you open a car door in front of a cyclist or pedestrian you need to look because you could be putting someone into serious danger.”

The cyclist lodged a complaint to the police this week and is waiting for a response.

The police said they had received the response and are looking into the accident.