Employees at historical teahouse Maids of Honour donated huge batches of sandwiches, scones and tarts for guests to enjoy at the mayor of Richmond’s tea party.

The tea party, held in the John Nash Conservatory in Kew Gardens, raised money for Councillor Meena Bond’s chosen charities – Home Start Richmond and the Avenue Club, Kew.

Guests enjoyed tea and sandwiches during the afternoon on Saturday, May 17, as well as the Maids of Honour tarts, which have been part of Richmond’s history for nearly 300 years.

Henry VIII was the first to name the tarts when he met Ann Boleyn and other Maids of honour eating the cakes, it is believed, and the recipe has been kept a closely guarded secret ever since.

The mayor’s next fundraiser is a polo match at Ham Polo Club on Sunday, June 1.