Although obviously a play written in 1841, The School for Scheming packs a punch when it comes to modern attitudes towards money.

In a play that intertwines characters and their own relationships, it may well be described as a farce.

It is a time of paper money, and speculator the MacDunnum (Dominic Hecht) is paying his way through life with what he believes to be worthless shares.

As the play progresses, we see the characters attempting to snare themselves partners who they think have money to pay their own debts.

Claude Plantaganet (Paul Shelley) and Mrs Fox French (Sabina Franklyn) provide plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, as misunderstandings cause further misunderstandings.

Helen Plantaganet (Imogen Sage) falls for Craven Acton (Chris Bone), who has not a title to his name, before her head is turned by the hilarious Lord Fipley (Oliver Gomm).

Fipley really is the epitome of the worst of British aristocracy.

Dion Boucicault’s The School for Scheming provides plenty of laughs and is still just as relevant now as it was 173 years ago.

Catch it before it closes on May 17 at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond. Visit for more details and tickets.