In the latest controversy at the Jolly Boatman plot next to Hampton Court Palace, outraged neighbours watched as fly-tippers dumped heaps of rubbish there last week.

People in East Molesey filmed a dump truck unload debris at the derelict site, creating a worsening eyesore, that has caused fierce disputes between locals and current owner, Gladedale Estates.

The dumping truck has been seen coming and going over a dozen times by residents, using keys to access the site to unload industrial waste.

According to neighbours the driver, when approached, was “aggressive and frightening”.

Mary Brook from the Hampton Court Rescue Campaign said: “It seems that they’ve broken the lock and replaced it with their own as they are letting themselves in and dumping industrial waste.

“The Jolly Boatman used to be a beautiful green place that fitted in with the views of the palace and now it’s a bloody mess to be honest.”

The apparent fly-tipping has been happening regularly from April 30 to May 1 with more than 30 loads of industrial waste dumped on the site.

Local resident Ray Townsend said: “The site is an absolute disgrace and is blocking the views of the palace, but if the council gets off its bottom it could actually do something about it.

Elmbridge Council needs to decide who it represents. Does it represent the people of Hampton Court and East Molesey or does it represent the developers?”

Gladedale, which has met fierce opposition over its planned development, will have to pay for the waste to be removed.

An Elmbridge Council spokeswoman said: “This is private land. The developers have secured it and will be arranging the clean-up. In the meantime we are investigating information related to the incident.”

The Gladedale project, for 66 homes, a 46-bedroom hotel, a 61-bedroom care home and a refurbished railway station among other works has been by campaigners for more than six years, who claimed the development would ruin the views of the palace.

Ms Brook said: “We are not going to rollover on this; we will fight to get the site safeguarded.”