Richmond Council released the details of candidates standing for election as councillors in May, as campaigning for votes moves up a notch.

One ward always hotly-contested is Twickenham Riverside, which currently has two Conservative councillors, Susan Chappell and Samantha Salvoni, as well as UK Independence Part (UKIP) defector Scott Naylor, who was elected as a Conservative in 2010.

This time, Coun Chappell is defending her seat with fellow Conservative candidates Benedict Dias and Helen Hill after Cornwall-based Coun Salvoni opted not to stand again.

Coun Chappell said her party was “fighting hard” to retain control of the ward, citing their track record as reason for their re-election.

She said: “We are getting very positive feedback on the doorsteps as we have done so much for Twickenham since being elected.

“I am so pleased to see the transformation of the town and the riverside taking place - it is just an amazing place to be.

“We have a very positive story to tell about Twickenham and the best manifesto, not just for the whole borough, but for the ward.”

Last time Coun Chappell led the way in the voting, with 2,473 votes, closely followed by Coun Salvoni and Coun Naylor with 2,294 and 2,289 votes respectively.

It was only a matter of hundreds between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat vote, and candidate Lib Dem candidate Roger Crouch can see that gap being bridged next month.

He said: “The ward changed hands in 2010 and the riverside is pivotal for who controls the whole council.

“We are finding that quite a few of our messages are resonating with residents.

“People are fed up with the Tories and want to stop UKIP - Scott Naylor was elected as a Conservative and should have resigned to force a byelection when he defected.”

Coun Naylor said his track record with local issues ought to be enough to see him and his fellow candidates, Sarah Meagher and Barry Edwards, make an impact on the ward.

He said: “People are flooding towards UKIP.

“Lord True thinks he knows best but he missed the point of the Barefoot consultation.

“They have not delivered - this is the most beautiful part of the riverside, for which Ukip has a number of plans.

“If the people want me because they know me and what I have done for the community, they will vote for UKIP.”

The local and European elections take place on May 22.

Twickenham Riverside Ward – who’s standing?

  • Susan Burningham (LD)
  • Susan Chappell (Con)
  • Roger Crouch (LD)
  • Benedict Dias (Con)
  • Barry Edwards (UKIP)
  • Adam Gladstone (Lab)
  • David Harley (Lab)
  • Helen Hill (Con)
  • Sue Howes (LD)
  • Deborah Lane (Lab)
  • Sarah Meagher (UKIP)
  • Scott Naylor (UKIP)
  • Anne Page (Green)

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