A dancing schoolboy rubbed shoulders with actress Emma Thompson when he was chosen for a part in the ballet version of Nanny McPhee.

Rory Betts, a fourth year student at Hampton School, was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to dance in the London Children’s Ballet production at the Peacock Theatre in the West End.

The 15-year-old said: “This was a great part to play and involved being on stage for a substantial amount of time.

“I had lots of fun and learnt a great deal from working with such a talented group of people.”

British film star Emma Thompson, who scripted and starred in the original film, came along on the opening night to give all the dancers her support.

Hampton teacher Judy Perkins, who watched the performance, said: “Rory was cast as a funeral director which was a surprisingly lively part.

“He had great stage presence, was relaxed and confident, and danced with grace and conviction.”