Languages teacher Joy Jermy has received a 20-year service award from the La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children network.

The Twickenham teacher began at home teaching French to a few local children, including her own and as demand for her skills increased, she expanded her business to teaching in schools, nurseries and halls.

Hers is now one of the most successful and thriving businesses in the La Jolie Ronde network.

She works with 10 other tutors teaching nearly 500 young children in and around west London in French and Spanish.

Joy said: “My real passion for languages started when I was at school where I was fortunate enough to study French, German and Latin.

“That, together with a decade overseas teaching in international schools made me really want to offer that to my own children who could share and experience different languages and cultures of the world.”

Different programmes are available to suit the needs of each student and can include one-on-one instruction. For more information, visit Joy’s website at