Air pollution could be responsible for as many as 77 deaths a year in Richmond, according to Public Health England.

A new report estimated 6.8 per cent of deaths in the borough of those aged over 25 could be caused by a combination of nitrogen-dioxide, sulphur-dioxide and other air-pollutants.

Mortality figures and average pollution levels were used by the agency of the Department of Health to estimate the number of deaths from air pollution.

Neighbouring Hounslow is estimated to have 99 deaths from air pollution, among the highest of the 19 outer London boroughs.

Monica Saunders, publicity officer for the Richmond and Twickenham Green Party, said traffic in built up areas was the main cause of the pollution.

She said: “People tend to use their cars for journeys that could easily be made by other means.

“The air pollution will have the greatest effect on the most vulnerable in society – the elderly and young people who have grown up with it accumulating their whole lives.”