Performances detailing the contribution made by soldiers of colour in the First World War take place at Richmond lending library.

District 6 Theatre Group launches the production to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of Great War, part of the Cityread London 2014 events taking place across London.

Using letters and poems written by soldiers themselves, as well as scripts created individually by cast members, the evening on Tuesday, April 15, will focus on individuals such as Second Lieutenant Walter Tull, who saw action in France and Italy.

Organiser Phil Vasili says: “We are trying to show the First World War from the eyes of those who fought and suffered in it. We are trying to give them a voice.”

The role and experience of soldiers of colour in WW1; Richmond lending library, Little Green TW9 1QL; April 15; 7pm to 9pm; Tickets cost £2; Book online at