For the self-confessed “ones that got away” revisiting their old haunts has given The Others a fresh perspective.

The group, all Hampton School boys, were one of the first house bands at the renowned Crawdaddy Club, which hosted the Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds.

The club, which used to be at One Kew Road in Richmond, has found a new home in Richmond Athletic Ground under organiser Mike Rivers.

Paul Stewart, vocalist and guitarist The Others, says: “Mike has done an excellent job in recreating the atmosphere. It feels really similar to how it felt back then.”

He recalls visiting the club in the early days, waiting out the back and seeing a car pull up and Mick and Keith of the Rolling Stones jump out.

He says: “We were all blown away. The crowd went bonkers.”

The Others found success while they were still at school and toured the highly regarded venues in Richmond including the Eel Pie Club as well as Europe shows with Eric Clapton and Brian May.

Stewart says: “We kind of did it all and then we kind of grew up.

“I went to the States for a while and some of the other guys were doing their thing and then about three years ago we thought ‘Hey, why not get back together’.”

Since their resurgence the band have performed in various hotspots including Switzerland and Croatia and will start recording an album in June.

The band will return to the Crawdaddy later this month in their 50th anniversary year.

Stewart says: “We manage to pack out the place. It’s partly the people who used to come to see us back in the day.

“We are really looking forward to it.”

The Others; The Crawdaddy Club, Richmond Athletic Ground, Twickenham Road TW9 2SF; April 25; 8pm to midnight; £8 to £10; or 07879 473848.