A 20mph speed limit for Twickenham town centre has started, as part of the development of the area.

The negative impact of traffic was highlighted as a key concern in Richmond Council's Twickenham Rediscovered scheme.

The 20mph speed limit covers York Street, Richmond Road (from Sion Road), London Road (from Whitton Road), King Street, Cross Deep (from Poulett Gardens) and Heath Road (from Copthall Gardens).

Speeds are controlled through the use of raised tables at junctions and crossing points and signs were due to go up last night.

Council cabinet member for highways Councillor Chris Harrison said: “Regenerating Twickenham is one the council's key promises and the introduction of a town centre speed limit is part of these plans.

“Twickenham is a beautiful town which has been neglected for too long.

“In all our surveys and consultations, residents have almost unanimously voiced their concern on the gradual decline of Twickenham.

“Through the All in One and other local consultations, residents told us that Twickenham town centre needs a revitalised retail centre, with a new heart, improved public space with access to the river, better shops and an attractive High Street.

“This 20mph limit is an example of where we have listened to the concerns of residents and together with our other local traffic calming measures will make the area safer for both pedestrians and cyclists.”

Liberal Democrat spokesman for transport Councillor Jerry Elloy accused the council of “over-egging” its part in it.

He said: “The plain fact was they did their scheme and cyclists got really irritated and nothing was done to sort it out.

“It is a bit of a joke in a sense because the average speeds in those areas are less than 20mph anyway - but of course it is a good thing it has been introduced.

“I would query what they say about listening to the people.”