The Education Secretary and Energy Minister visited Barnes Primary School last week to view its innovative solar panel programme.

The school, raised the cash for the solar panels, welcomed Michael Gove, Greg Barker and Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith on Thursday, April 3.

The school is taking part in the Solar Schools project led by global warming campaign group 10:10 and Friends of the Earth.

The visit came ahead of the Government’s launch of its solar strategy, which involves a series of measures designed to boost the uptake of solar systems on commercial rooftops.

Zac Goldsmith said: “This is a genuinely ambitious Government programme to boost uptake of renewable energy in the UK, and I’m thrilled Michael Gove and Greg Barker were able to visit a trailblazing school in this community to see for themselves how engaged our children are on environmental and energy issues.”

Michael Gove said: “Solar panels are a sensible choice for schools, particularly in terms of the financial benefits they can bring.

“It is also a great way for pupils to engage with environmental issues and think about where energy comes from.”