A popular centenarian celebrated her birthday at a garden party surrounded by family and friends.

Mary Brook, who turned 100 on Tuesday, April 8, was delighted to receive her telegram from the Queen at Laurel Dene care home in Hampton.

Her niece Brenda Perry, 71, said: “We had a great big marquee in the garden which was lovely.

“She has got a big family and loads of friends for her age so we had to have it outside.

“It was a really lovely day and she really enjoyed it.

“She is in good health and has a better memory than me.”

Mrs Brook, who was born in Suffolk in 1914, went into service as a maid as a 16-year-old for a couple in Teddington and their nephew – who she later married when she was 52.

Clinton, her husband, died eight weeks later and the couple never had any children.

She loved her home in Kingston Lane, Teddington, so much she lived there for 81 years before she moved to the care home when her health deteriorated.

Her niece said: “We had a wonderful party to celebrate her 100th birthday with all her friends and family and her biggest pleasure without doubt was receiving her telegram from the Queen.”