The jazz band Tyger Tyger will perform at the Bull’s Head next week.

On April 8 the musicians will light up the Barnes venue with their bluesy and jazzy tones and punchy jazz humour.

Vocalist, guitar player and deliverer of the pithy anecdotes, John Bayley, says: “It’s a mixture of vintage jazz and swing.”

Other members of the Tyger Tyger trio are Charles Alexander, vocalist and guitar player, and Dave Moses, vocalist and bass player.

For the concert at the Bull’s Head, the men invited Olly Wilby to play along on clarinet and saxophone.

Bayley says: ”He has played with a lot of big names in the jazz world. He is very good.

“That is true for all of them. It is a formidable bunch of people.”

The band have been together for a couple of years, but it could easily be 25 years or more, says Bayley.

“It feels very comfortable,” he says. “It is great to play in a quartet or a trio. You are flexible and can respond to the audience very quickly.”

According to Bayley, this makes every concert different from the last one.

Songs the band will play on Tuesday include Brother, Can You Spare a Dime and Tiger Rag, which is one of their favourite songs.

The group named themselves after William Blake’s poem lines “Tyger Tyger, burning bright.”

Tyger Tyger; The Bull’s Head, 373 Lonsdale Road, Barnes; April 8, doors 8pm; tickets £8 in advance, £10 at the door; call 020 3437 0134 or visit