People living near Teddington station are fed up of a rail depot causing them a nuisance.

Network Rail set up a depot in Adelaide Road by Teddington station a year ago to extend the platform, but people living nearby said they had overstayed their welcome.

Residents complained of the ongoing work at the depot, during which vehicles constantly come and go and park across the pavement so people have to walk into the road.

A noisy generator which has been disturbing people also sparked a number of complaints.

Protected trees have been cut and people have called on Richmond Council to shift the workmen.

Ian Penrice, 47, who lives by the site, said: “We all depend on the railway and we fully support that they have to do work now and again but this has just been going on for too long now.

“They are just abusing it. These are small roads and they come up and down with big vehicles when there are lots of commuters too who are at risk of being hurt.”

A Richmond Council spokesman said: “The level of disruption to residents is unacceptable and the council is now considering formal enforcement action in order to resolve this matter.

“The council has written to Network Rail to make it aware of its breach of planning control but to date there has been no reply despite the correspondence requesting a response within seven days.”

Network Rail said the compound was in place to allow 10-car trains to run from the station and it planned to start to leave the site on April 11.

A spokesman said: “We are doing work to allow longer trains to run from Teddington, which will benefit many people in the area.

“We are in contact with the borough council and are working to resolve this.”