Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party"... Well, I think that is what Robin Williams is quoted as saying.

Like any good party, your garden will benefit from a little planning but ultimately it’s your guests that make it a success.

Taking a look at the use of colour can modify the overall style of your garden as well as reflecting your personal taste.

The use of a colour wheel can help in forming effective colour combinations.

Opposite colours on the wheel, such as blue and yellow mix well together. We often find these combinations in nature and are gentle on the eyes.

Adjacent colours are strongly contrasting. For example, yellow, orange and red. These are more difficult to mix but can be used to dramatic effect.

In the vegetable garden, we can now start to sow beetroot, carrots, and lettuce. At this time of year, there is a significant difference between night and day temperatures, so it is ideal for sowing parsley but far too early for basil.

House plants, citrus and any patio plants that you have kept in overwinter can be put outside, taking care to place them in the shade to they don’t get sunburnt.