A choirmaster who helped launch the career of Andrew Lloyd Webber has been named as one of six teachers who allegedly abused 10-year-old boys over two decades.

The staff all worked at George Osborne’s former school St Paul’s in Barnes, or its prep school Colet Court, between 1960 and the mid-1980s.

Alan Doggett, a choirmaster at Colet Court, is alleged to have been a serial abuser while at the prep school and allegedly made sex attacks part of his choir’s audition process for some boys.

The choirmaster was later given a job at City of London School, but threw himself under a train when he was charged with the indecent assault of a 10-year-old boy in 1978.

Doggett was an active member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), an infamous pro-child-sex group which wanted the age of consent lowered to 10.

He is one of three deceased people named as a group of alleged abusers at both schools. The allegations do not relate to any pupils or staff currently either school.

A statement from the school said: “Any sexual abuse of children by an adult — and particularly a teacher — is abhorrent, a serious violation of trust, and an affront to the values of any caring community.

“Suspects should be investigated and subjected to the proper processes of justice.

“The school deals quickly, sensitively and resolutely with any concerns or allegations of abuse, working closely with the statutory authorities according to clear legal requirements and our own rigorous safeguarding procedures.”

The allegations came to light after an investigation by The Times newspaper.

St Paul’s high master Professor Mark Bailey said: “I am grateful to The Times for bringing these allegations to our attention.

“I am aware that a number of them have been reported and investigated previously, but we would welcome the opportunity to forward The Times’ whole file to the statutory authorities immediately and to support the latter fully in any subsequent investigation.

“All such allegations must be properly and fully investigated.”