A woman whose car was damaged has tracked down a do-gooder who left a note on it by the help of social media.

Natalie-Jane Davey, 28, launched an online campaign to find the good Samaritan who left a note on her car when it was scratched by a truck in Shaftesbury Road, Richmond, earlier this month.

The note said someone scraped her car by the petrol cap and drove off, but included the registration number of the truck so she could trace them.

Miss Davey posted a picture of the note left on her car on social media websites in the hope she would “#FindLee” – the mystery man who left it on her windscreen and signed it Lee.

She wrote on her Facebook page that she wanted to find him so she could prosecute and buy him a beer.

The picture was shared thousands of times on social media and this afternoon, March 19, she was contacted by Lee Harris on Twitter.

Mr Harris, a 25-year-old security worker, said he was walking along Shaftesbury Road going to visit family when he noticed the truck scrape the car.

He said: “I went over to have a look and there was quite a bit of damage especially from a large truck like that.

“I know what those trucks can be like and they have blind spots so I am sure it was not on purpose.

“I thought I would leave the magic note out of courtesy – I was not expecting this to happen.”

Despite the image of the note being shared thousands of times online, Mr Harris found out about the search through a friend.

He has been in touch with Miss Davey who has passed on his details to the insurance company.

Mr Harris, from Ealing, said: “She is over the moon with it all.

“I am glad I did it. Not many people out there do deeds like that, some people would have just walked on.

“I have got that good feeling inside me.”

Miss Davey said: “I’m absolutely elated as now I won’t have to foot the bill for damages.

“I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has got involved in the campaign.”

Her offer to buy a beer for the handy note-writer still stands.