The prosecution in a mass brawl trial involving seven men has branded the defence case “paper thin” in her summing up.

The defendants, aged between 19 and 26, are alleged to have been involved in a fight that started outside the Royal Oak in Teddington High Street on November 10, 2012, and ended in the death of 20-year-old student Patrick Lawless.

Patrick Conway, 22, of St John’s Road, East Molesey, who was celebrating his 21st birthday on the night of the brawl, denies one charge of manslaughter and has admitted charge of violent disorder after he punched Mr Lawless in Field Lane.

Inigo Anderson, 21, of Queenswood Avenue, Hampton, denies one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after he punched Mr Lawless in the face outside the Clockhouse pub, the court heard.

The defence case is that the men were acting in self defence.

Prosecution lawyer Bobbie Cheema told Kingston Crown Court: “The defence of Inigo Anderson is like Patrick Conway’s defence - it is made up.

“It is a sign of desperation and it is the only defence left.”

She said the fact Mr Anderson lied to police in his interview, when he said he was not involved in the fight, weakened his defence case.

The court heard Mr Anderson punched Mr Lawless and broke his nose.

Ms Cheema said: “It was to try to get rid of Patrick Lawless who was being a nuisance. Somebody who was no doubt extremely annoying, frustrating, provoking.”

Mr Conway’s defence lawyer, Charles Miskin, in his summing up, said medical evidence did not prove which punch caused Mr Lawless’s death - Mr Conway’s or Mr Anderson’s.

He said the events of the night of November 10 were a tragedy, especially for Mr Lawless who lost his life and Scott Clutterbuck who was badly injured in the fight.

Mr Miskin said: “They were tragic for the lives of all the other people, both old and young male and female, whose lives have been touched by this.

“For Patrick Conway the events of that evening, whatever the outcome of this trial, will live with him for the rest of his life.

“This was his 21st birthday - it should have been fun.

“But he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Four other men pleaded not guilty to violent disorder.

They are Max Mears, 19, of Temple Sheen Road, SW14, Ben Axelrod, 26, of Station Approach, Epsom, Edward Thompson-Membury, 22, of Pollard Street, E2 and 20-year-old Callum Hurley, of Fulmer Close, Hampton.

James Hales, 22, of Rectory Grove, Hampton, pleaded guilty to two counts of grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

The trial continues.