A Twickenham pub appears to have served its last pint after its windows were boarded up.

The Kings Arms in Albion Road, near Twickenham Green, was boarded up by workmen on Sunday, February 16.

Previously, the boozer had been closed for a week, displaying a sign reading “closed until further notice” on the front door.

South Twickenham councillor David Marlow said it looked as though the property would no longer operate as a pub.

A resident, who did not want to be named, said: “The Kings Arms was a terrible pub.

“Many years ago it used to be a decent, cosy establishment but over the years it became quite unpleasant - unfriendly, with bright lights, no atmosphere, full of sports screens, and Neanderthals standing outside, swearing.

“Another boozer gone, but I am tempted to say good riddance.”