The tables were turned on baking extraordinaire Mary Berry, when she visited a Twickenham chocolatier for some top tips and advice.

Flo Broughton, 34, founded chocolate-maker Choconchoc with her father 11 years ago, specialising in high-quality sculptural chocolates.

The queen of baking dropped into Ms Broughton’s Bath factory in September as part of her new Mary Berry Cooks television show on BBC2, to learn how to make chocolate.

She said: “They asked us if we could show Mary how to make chocolate so there I was giving her tips.

“It was a bit frightening showing her how to do something but she was lovely and could not have been more accommodating.

“I was nine months pregnant at the time though so I looked massive.”

Originally from Bath, Ms Broughton set up the business before leaving it behind to move to Twickenham, near the Green.

Choconchoc is now an international business with more than 200 lines of chocolates, all carefully hand-crafted by their 30 employees at the factory.

She said: “Our unique selling point is that we make all the moulds ourselves, you can’t get them anywhere else off the shelf.

“Chocolate is everyone’s favourite treat.

“That is why I am keen to show Mary and the viewers not only what they can do with chocolate at home but also to excite them with the way in which the product has developed into a luxury and a work of art.”

She added that one of her employees impressed Berry with her own cake-making skills.

Ms Broughton said: “The Great British Bake-Off has always been big at the factory and we even have our own bake-offs.

“We all said we would make a cake for her when she visited but only Sharma did.”

It was a lemon drizzle cake which Berry rated as “lovely”.

Mary Berry Cooks airs on BBC2 on Monday, March 10, at 8.30pm.