Richmond Council has bowed to pressure from campaigners and agreed to consult people on blanket 20mph speed limits in Whitton and Kew.

People living in Kew, Whitton and near Hampton Hill High Street will be sent questionnaires to ask if they want a 20mph limit imposed on a wider area.

Liberal Democrat campaigners in Kew started a petition for the lower limit, which, they said, had forced the council to trigger a consultation.

Last year the Tories and Lib Dems engaged in a relentless slanging match over the council’s refusal to implement the 20mph limit in Manor Grove after lack of support from residents.

Councillor Jean-Francois Burford, who represents the Kew ward, said: “I would like to thank all the residents who have forced the Conservative-controlled council to take this step.

“It is, of course, ridiculous that the council will count everyone who does not respond to the consultation as having cast a no vote.

“So we are not celebrating yet as the Tories will try again to wriggle out of this.

“However, we are much further on now than we have been in the past and the argument is clearly moving in our favour.”

Richmond Council’s cabinet member for highways Councillor Chris Harrison said: “A number of councils around the country have introduced blanket 20mph limits across their boroughs.

“However, before considering whether an area wide 20mph speed limit is something that should be introduced in our borough we would like to know the views of the community and I encourage all residents in each of these areas to have their say.”

To respond to the consultation, which ends on March 28, visit