Love it or hate it, internet search engines have become a crucial tool for information gathering and sharing in the 21st century.

Google, the world's most popular search engine, contains an 'auto-complete' feature which helps users search for specific information, based on what other users have searched for in the past.

So, what do the most popular auto-complete entries say about what people think about our little part of the world in south London and Surrey? 

1. Croydon is "dangerous" and is "the new Barcelona". Unfortunately searching for Barcelona does not say "... is the old Croydon".

2. Sutton is "alive" but also is "dead". Sort of like Elvis.

3. Surrey is "ghetto" and "the bomb". So that explains the rocketing house prices!

4. Tooting is rooting. The cockney rhyming slang may have got lost in translation.

5. Wombles are "real" and "evil". Wimbledon be warned!!

6. Southern Trains - not much debate about this one!

7. South West Trains are equally popular.

8. Londoners are "rude", "arrogant" and "miserable". Maybe it explains what we are saying about the trains!

9. London Mayor Boris Johnson is "a clown" - but is he married?

10. Google is "your friend", but is also "evil" and "watching you". Not so nice to have the spotlight on you, now, is it Google?

Have you spotted some searches when Googling things about south London and Surrey? Tweet me @OmarOakes or email them to and we might add them to the list!