The people of Eel Pie Island remain fearful a right-turn ban for a Twickenham road could still be introduced, despite reassurance from Richmond Council.

The council said it would only implement the restrictions in Water Lane, from King Street, during peak hours if “absolutely required” by Transport for London (TfL).

TfL may decide a peak-time restriction at the junction for King Street, Water Lane and Church Street would be needed to maintain the rush hour traffic flows.

But Colin Heath, chairman of Eel Pie Island Residents’ Association, was concerned it was only a matter of time before the ban is brought in.

He said: “It would be a huge inconvenience as a large amount of delivery traffic that comes to the island uses that road.

“If they couldn’t turn right, it would mean they would have to do a round-robin of the town.

“The council say they won’t introduce the ban unless TfL insists, so I expect they will go to them and ask them to insist on it.”

A council spokesman reiterated it will only come into effect if it was “absolutely necessary”.

Councillor Chris Harrison, cabinet member for transport, has previously said if restrictions were imposed, residents affected would have alternative access arrangements and that there are no plans to permanently close Water Lane.

Architect Henry Harrison, who owns two buildings on the island and lives at Phoenix Wharf, said he has no trust in the council to stick to their word.

He said: “I would believe them if they had gone about their consultation right - no one on the island was balloted and we managed to squeeze in our objections two days it closed.

“There are a number of thriving businesses on the island and this little colony is very important to the borough.

“These businesses want to be here but if it is made difficult for them to operate, they could start to look elsewhere.”

TfL did not respond to this newspaper’s request for comment at the time if going to press.